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Alliterative author. Buoyant backpacker. Cray-cray creator. Determined do-gooder. Existentialist entertainer. Frivolous frolicker. Fierce footballer. Grizzly go-getter. Hardy hitchhiker. Indomitable inspirer. Jocular joker. Kind-hearted kidder. Loving listener. Mischief maker. Nocturnal night-lifer. Outstanding overthinker. Patient procrastinator. Quick-thinking quizzer. Rapidfire rapper. Sonorous speaker. Trippy traveler. Unassuming understander. Vicious vocalizer. Wanderer writer. Xtatic Xerciser. Yuppie yodeller. Zealous zigzagger. Of course I am on all social media platforms - and the ubiquitous YouTube! Tap my links for writings, photos & videos of the experiences described in my debut travel book, A Life Afloat (scroll to the bottom - shout out to Project Bibliotherapy) - for the Amazon link. My book covers my life experiences from my childhood in Patna and education at the Lawrence School Sanawar, DCE & FMS to my travels all over the vast expanses of my lovely country, Incredible India!


Aradhye Axat

Firstly, thanks for reading/watching/listening! Where've you been all my life? :) I write/record fun stuff. Your support would be awesomax!

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I am anything but camera-shy!

A Life Afloat


Current Obsessions

  • Literature. Pop-culture. Football.

  • Movie magic. Acting (Stanislavsky).

  • Melodious music. Classic rock rocks.


  • The Lord of the Rings & The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy for light reading & Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for getting into a deeper mindset.

  • Chandra Taal (the Moon Lake, way out there in the Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India) is my musing place.

In search of

  • I echo the motto of Douglas Adams' (fictional) Sirius Cybernetics Corporation: Share & Enjoy!

Best tips

  • Don't hold back. There is no guarantee of a tomorrow; the least you can do is take even a little step towards what/where/how you want to be, and the most you can do is hope for the best, brightest future! #6hourism